Community Activities

Kingston Charity Dragon Boat Race

22nd July 2018  

Our school participated in the Kingston Charity Dragon Boat Race, the largest annual event in southeast London. This year's participating teams have a total of fifty-six teams representing their respective sponsors and supported charities. The race is 250 meters straight and is divided into women's team, men's team and mixed team. The fundraising goal for each group is £1,000. The Nihao Racing Pandas team has a total of 18 paddlers, the youngest is only thirteen, the largest in the year. They have "Hello" students, some are school staff, and some are parents. The climax of this competition is unprecedented, and the organizers of the competition said that this year's competition was the most intense one. During the competition, parents, friends, relatives and teaching assistants, about 50 people attended the show at different times. The students of the school also produced the theme paintings to express their support! Through this activity, the Dragon Boat Team raised a total of 2,435 pounds. More than 1.5 times the amount set in the contest! The number of fundraising is ranked fifth among all 56 teams participating in the competition, and all donations will be donated to ROYAL MARSDEN Hospital. Special thanks to all kind-hearted people who have given us material or spiritual support, we will be even better next year!

Morgan Stanley's Open Day event

August 2019

Our school led nearly 20 students to participate in Morgan Stanley's first OutReach Open Day event. During this fulfilling day, the students listened to a brief introduction of the work of the department including sales and trade, marketing, technology, finance and corporate services, and provided students with a basis for future career choices!