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Community Activities

Nihao Mandarin Language School is not only responsible for promoting Chinese language and culture, but also provides a platform for all families who love Chinese culture in Sutton Borough. The language is used here as a medium to bond people with each other, family with family, school with community. In the meantime, the children can enjoy learning in an orderly classroom, parents can browse in the reading area, communicate together, or go to the tea area to choose from a full range of food and drink, or talk to the front desk staff for any information about their child. Nihao Mandarin Language School occasionally organizes teachers, parents and senior students to participate in charity activities. Rather than saying "Nihao" is a Mandarin Language School, it is better to say that it is a home for Chinese culture in the area around Sutton. "Nihao", a place with the hearty warmth!

Kingston Charity Dragon Boat Race

Morgan Stanley's Open Day event