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Admissions Procedure

In order to ensure that students enter the right class, our New students register admissions workflow is as follows:

1. Please contact us by mail or phone;

2. Parents are requested to provide basic student information:

The information includes the student's full name in English and Chinese, date of birth, Chinese language and learning background, name of the primary contact person, and relationship, contact information;

3. The school arranges student grade tests and 45 minutes free trail lesson, parents of students under five can be accompanied;

4. Fill in the [Student Admission Application Form] as follows;

5. Pay tuition fee , books fee and receive teaching materials;

6. Formal admission.

School fee and payment

Tuition fee and payment methods
 Please Note:
 1. Siblings / children with adult students can enjoy discounts.
 2. The fee does not include books or exams.
 3. The instalment option includes an admission fee of £ 10 per instalment.
Payment method:
 Online payment: 
 Sort Code: 30-91-72
 Account Number: 03004947
 (Please write down the student's name for reference)
Cheque payable to: Nihao Mandarin Language School Ltd
 Cash: Pay at Reception

Student‘s registration form

Please fill in the student‘s registration form and send to

Students and parents feedback

I looked hard for a school that taught Mandarin properly for my daughter initially. When I finally found Nihao I sat in on my daughter’s class but soon I was begging the head of Nihao to start a Mandarin class for adults in the afternoon session. It took them almost a year before the class was established. We have a diverse crowd and each with their own personal reasons for joining. Although our intention is to learn Man darin there is a strong sense of camaradarie especially around planning and rehearsing for our Chinese New year show. I personally enjoy learning Mandarin properly and try to speak a little when I can get away with it. Often this creates more embarrassment for me if the native speaker talks too fast. I love learning the idioms or as my teacher calls “4 letter words” and although we have tease our laoshi we have a lot of respect for her and we do take our homework very seriously. I hope to keep going until they kick me out for bad behaviour...better luck next year. ow!-Kahwei, Morgan Stanley Executive, Mother and student with Nihao for 7 years

经常有⼈问我,为什么要学习中 文?我想学中文最初是缘于一本中国 作家写的一本英文小说《鸿》。这本 书讲述了一家三代三个⼥⼈在中国近 代一百年历史中沉浮的故事。这本书 对我影响深远。它不仅让我第一次了 解了中国历史和文化,⽽且还萌生了学中文的念头。我先是在Croydon和 Kingston学中文。后来又听说了你好 中文学校,我就转到“你好”继续我的中文学习。 我和我的同学们都很喜欢“你好” 的中文环境,在这样的语言环境中, 我的中文有了很大地提高。我最喜 欢“你好”每年的春节联欢会,又有趣 又有教育意义。通过准备联合会的表 演,我们的中文不知不觉地提高了。 中国的经济飞速发展,在世界 上的重要性日渐突出,我相信以后会 有更多的⼈和我一样爱上中文,爱上中国文化。Janet Swan, Adult Class--HSK4 with Nihao for 4 years (中文原稿 Original ) 

学生家长 6个孩子在“你好”学习3年 -阿娟在你好中文学校是一个传 奇。她保持着两个全校纪录:第一个 是她的6个孩子全部在“你好”读书; 第二个是因为住得远,为了孩子们能 按时到校上课,她周五晚上就带着孩 子们赶到住在Cheam的朋友家借宿。 阿娟说:“我家附近就有好⼏家 中文学校。但是孩子们在那⾥学了好 ⼏年一直没什么成绩。后来有朋友推 荐‘你好’,我就转过来了。” “这⾥的老师特别严格。如果孩 子们不做作业,老师会⽤各种方法促孩子按时完成作业。一旦出现问 题,老师们还会及时和家长沟通。现 在孩子们每周都会自觉完成自己的作 业。” “学校的老师们非常负责任。在 她们的努力下,孩子们的中文进步特 别大。今年一开学我的大儿子就要读 中文的A Level班了,其他孩子的中文 也都提高很快。” “唯一遗憾的是学校离我家有点 儿远。但是看到孩子们对中文越来越 有兴趣,作为妈妈,我觉得每周来回 奔波,非常值得。阿娟

学生家长 2个女儿在“你好”学习5年 - 我陪着⼥儿们在你好中文学校 学习了5年中文。如今大⼥儿顺利地 通过了AS的中文考试,取得了A(90 分)。听她的任课老师说,这是建校 10年来,“你好”学生在AS考试中取得 的最好成绩。我们都为她感到骄傲。 小⼥儿的中文水平也是每年上一 个新台阶。我相信,⼏年以后,她的 中文读写也会像姐姐一样棒的。两个 孩子取得的所有进步都和老师们的谆谆教导和努力分不开。真⼼感谢“你 好”的所有老师们。刘薇

学生家长 2个孩子在‘你好’学习5-8年 -时间过得真快。一转眼,我家 老大已经在你好中文学校学习8年 了,老二也学了5年了。当初选择“你 好”纯粹是因为离家近、方便。现在想来,真是庆幸当年的选择。 因为“你好”不仅仅是一所学校, 更是一个华⼈社团。她像一块磁铁一 样,吸引了周围那么多的华⼈以及对 中文和中国感兴趣的其他朋友们。我 家俩孩子在“你好”不仅学中文,⽽且 还耳濡⽬染地了解了很多中国的文化 习俗。他们的成长和“你好”的老师们 的悉⼼教诲是分不开的。 值此“你好”10年校庆之际,我们 衷⼼祝愿“你好”继续成长壮大,为传 扬咱们祖国的文化继续做贡献。 王蕾

I learn Mandarin because my wife is Chinese. Although she speaks good English, I thought it only fair to make the effort to try and learn her native language. I’d never managed to learn any other language before, even at Nihao Mandarin school, and I was decided it was time to challenge myself. I found mastering the different tones the most difficult part, simply because I wasn’t used to the idea of a tonal language. Learning the Chinese characters also took sometime to get used to, but I soon found that my vocabulary steadily increased. Also, I could practice reading and writing at my own speed. I particularly enjoy participating in the Chinese New Year show. I didn’t start with because I found it difficult to both remember my lines and follow what my classmates were saying, but now that I have gained confidence and fluency I can appreciate the flow of the dialog.Learning to think as a Chinese when speaking, rather than just trying to translate word for word, has also made me appreciate the effort my wife puts into her English and, also to understand her, sometimes, unusual grammar.-Tim Fahey, Adult Class--HSK4 with Nihao for 5 years