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Special events

As well as providing quality-assured classroom teaching, Nihao Mandarin Language School reduces the burden on students and parents as much as possible, especially for families unable to provide help with the language. The school provides after-school homework tutoring classes to ensure that students consolidate what they have learned. For students with a mother tongue advantage, the school maximizes their language level through activities such as drama camps and reading competitions. For students facing the college entrance examination, the school will also invite graduates from top universities to give lectures on the options for students going forward. The Annual celebration of Chinese New Year and Chinese Writing Competition are another stages for all students to show their talent in Mandarin learning. With Mandarin teaching as the main focus, Nihao Mandarin Language School always gives students all-round attention and continuously supports students' growth.

Nihao Drama Club

Nihao Drama Club, using drama language teaching methods, through role-playing, to create an immersive space for students to put mandarin in practice.

UKAPCE recital competition

Every recital competition we receive amazing results!

 School Magazine 

With the mission of encouraging students to write Chinese essays we formed our own school Magazine --《 Education • Life》.

Annual Writing competition (UKAPCE/ Nihao)

Every March,all our students take a challenge in the school essay competition.