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Welcome from the Head Teacher

The Nihao Mandarin Language School was founded since 2007 to serve the local area and the wider Chinese community. Little did we know that this project would expand from 40 to almost 300 students. Not only do we serve the Chinese community, but we have students from a variety of nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. We are proud of what we have achieved so far and hope we can continue to grow.
With my background as a news presenter for the Hong Kong TVB news station based in London,and a Chinese Teacher at Trinity Boy's School, an independent secondary school in Croydon. I bring a cultural as well as educational knowledge to the school. Along with our team of qualified teachers and support staff, with their own diverse experience, we are able to deliver an inspirational environment for the students.
It all started with our passion to teach the language that we love, we are able to share the events and memories of our Chinese culture with the children and mature students. Second generation Chinese children can learn their mother tongue in a safe and fun class environment.Students of all ages will be able to grasp the basics of Mandarin. We endeavour to make learning Mandarin fun and rewarding, whether to achieve top results for YCT, HSK, GSCE and A level exams, or purely for interest and help in a visit to China for example. We will support the students all the way!
Throughout these years,many friends have been working with us, contributing together.Without them, our passion in promoting the use of Mandarin, learning to read, speak, listen and write, and more would not have been possible. It is our mission to help share this knowledge with our mature students through to our very young students. With the support from parents and the local community, we strive to keep the Chinese spirit alive in the UK. I would very much like to welcome you to the School so you can experience for yourself the spirit of Nihao Mandarin Language School and its warm, family atmosphere.

XiuLi Fu

Nihao Mandarin Language School

Nihao Mandarin Language School was established in 2007. It is a language school in the Coulsdon with standard Mandarin teaching and the promotion of Greater Chinese culture. It is also a Sub-test centre for the Chinese Language Council International ( Hanban). The school adheres to quality education, cultivates future talent, implements the dual-track system, and follows both Chinese Proficiency Test YCT & HSK , combined with the British GCSE/IGCSE Chinese syllabus. We cover a wide range of skills:Listening, speaking, reading and writing. We teach standard Mandarin language and Chinese Culture to students from early childhood to adulthood. The teaching is based on the principle of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude.In order to encourage and protect students' interest in learning to use Mandarin and understand the greater Chinese culture, the students have laid a solid standard of Mandarin language foundation and the spiritual foundation of Greater Chinese culture. 
With more than twelve years of perseverance and professionalism, Nihao Mandarin Language School has now reached 22 classes and grown to 300 students,  In addition to providing professional Mandarin language teaching, our school also has a library, Drama Club,after-school homework club, we also produce an annual 'Education and life' magazine for our students and parents. 
Nihao Mandarin Language School - a trusted language school!

Team introduction

Head of each department

Xiuli  Fu( Xiuli Phasey)

Head Teacher

Xiuli Fu, Founder and Head Teacher of Nihao Mandarin Language School. I am a Mandarin Language teacher at Trinity Boy's Private High School in London. Former Hong Kong TVB Europe Mandarin News Presenter. I have also received in 2017 Chinese Leaders' Community contribution award.

Tongyu Li 

Deputy Head, YCT HSK Exam Organiser

I graduated as a fully qualified Nursery teacher in Beijing and I’ve been teaching Chinese ever since.
After 4 years of dedicated nursery teaching in Beijing I’ve spent 18 years teaching Mandarin as a second language in Singapore and London to pupils age one and half all the way to adults. I was one of the founder of Premier Language School ( also known as International House Singapore). I am currently studying psychology with Open University.
Through my cross-culture teaching experience, I have found although there are great differences of teaching methodology between East and West, I believe I am finding success by harmonising and merging the best of both.  

Shannon Yan

 Head of Senior Department, GCSE Specialist

I’ve been a qualified professional Mandarin teacher since I graduated from North Normal University of Education back in 1988 in China. I accumulated 20 years’ experience teaching 7-14 year olds in my home town, DanDong.
My realised love of teaching has always been the key to my success. Being a friend with the students brings me a joyful, relaxed and effective teaching time. Actually, working with Nihao Mandarin School is a new challenge for me and one I’m enjoying very much. It was my destiny to become a teacher, I’m very pleased with the destiny, and looking forward to seeing my mother language Mandarin getting more and more popular in UK with our genuine Mandarin offer. 

Hua Bai

Head of Junior Department

I was an Assessor in Health and Social Care before I joined Nihao Mandarin Language School in 2016. I was also interested in teaching children Mandarin Chinese, so I started my journey in Nihao. I understand that learning a foreign language is hard work, the motivation and desire must come from the individual. It is my responsibility to provide children the positive classroom environment, so in order for the children to love speaking Chinese, I always strive to make my teaching fun and enjoyable. In my class, children are involved in various games and classroom activities. I believe that children will learn Mandarin Chinese by doing and by actively engaging themselves into the learning process. As the Head of the Junior Department, it is my duty to ensure high quality of learning experience for all students.

Team of Teacher 

Nihao Mandarin Language School

Bei Liu(Annabelle Liu)

Hello everyone, my name is Bei Liu, I graduated from GuiZhou Education College. I joined Nihao Mandarin School in April 2016. I have worked as an English teacher and Head of Youth League Committee in a vocational school in China for five years. I earned my Bachelor of Education degree in China and completed my MBA degree in Oxford Brooks University in UK.

Working as a Mandarin teacher in Nihao has brought back all the happy memories I had in China, I really enjoy my time here, the experience has helped me develop a set of beliefs about how I can best help my students learn and grow, more importantly, understand and appreciate Chinese traditions and culture.  

I have taught in different grades, including junior and senior levels, each child has their own personality, ideas and skills, my teaching is tailored to each child's preferred ways of learning so they can all explore the beauty of Chinese language and culture.

Hope you enjoy your time in Nihao.

Mingyue Yang

I have worked as a teacher for the last 26 years. I believe that with excellent professional knowledge, a positive and motivated teacher can make learning languages an enjoyable and inspiring experience for the students. At Nihao mandarin School, I am responsible for teaching GCSE class and for the Chinese Native Speakers' class.

Lucy Luo(Ying Luo)

I graduated from Shenyang Normal University Education Department as a professionally qualified teacher. I taught in China as a Chinese language teacher for over 12 years. Since I arrived in the UK, I have always been involved in teaching and managing children. I spend my spare time studying for UK teaching qualifications. 

I am a Teaching Assistant in Culvers House Primary School and work as Assistant Playworker at The Grange Play Centre for London Borough of Sutton Play Services.

Heng You

After graduating from South China Normal University with a bachelor’s degree in TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language), I had worked as a TEFL teacher in Guangdong Medical College for five years. Hoping to pursue postgraduate studies, I emigrated to England; and achieved a master’s degree in Education from University of Leeds. Currently teaching GCSE at New Line Learning Academy.

I have a passion for teaching as I believe teaching is creating the future. I hope to inspire my students and teach them the beautiful culture and language of China.

Na Li

I have over 8 years of childcare experience in Australia, China and the UK, currently working as a nursery practitioner, to acquaint up to date knowledge and guidance to work with children. I believe it is important to create a safe and fun environment for children and to encourage learning through play. 

At Nihao Mandarin School, I am responsible for teaching the 'fun-club': a club for students between the ages of 4-5. I believe my passion and expertise will bring every child academic, intellectual needs, along with lots of fun.

Xiaohui Chen

I have more than 10 years teaching experience, and have a passion for Chinese language teaching.  I believe it is important to nurture a child's interest in learning Chinese,through structures and fun learning experiences.

Liqun Liu

I graduated as a fully qualified teacher from Beijing Normal University in 1997 and gained an extra certificate to teach Chinese as a Foreign Language at the same time. I also went to a full time course to study Early Year Education in 2003 and gained a certificate and valuable experience of teaching .

I have a great passion for teaching Mandarin and would like to share my Chinese traditional culture with my students and would like to make learning Mandarin an enjoyable thing.

Ying Fang

I am a former awarded journalist and editor with the Xinhua News Agency of China. I have been a novelist and freelance commentator for ten years since I moved to the UK.   

I joined the Nihao School in 2013. I hope my students love and enjoy learning Chinese as I do.

Linda Xiong

I am a Chinese management consultant with 11 years of consulting experience.I worked in a Shanghai-based language institute as both a spoken English teacher to school-aged children as well as a spoken Mandarin teacher to expat employees in multinationals in China. I really enjoy teaching at Nihao Mandarin School.

Qiufu Wang

I have enjoyed over 20 years’ foreign language teaching experience both in China and the UK. Having graduated with an English Language BSc from a teachers university in China, I am a MSc in Translation alumna from Imperial College London. I taught English in a high school in ZPEB, Sinopec in China for 16 years and was awarded the National Senior High School Teacher Certificate. I also holds the Cambridge CELTA teaching qualification. I co-wrote the book, Teach Yourself Business Mandarin, for Hodder Education. I enjoy teaching and love my students. With my deep understanding of GCSE Chinese, I am teaching the Senior level in Nihao School. For my biggest inspiration is to see my students getting better and better in Chinese learning.

Xiaoyan Liu

Teaching Chinese has always been my passion. After 10 years of teaching at Nihao Mandarin Language School, I am currently teaching two adults classes. One of them just passed HSK1 exam in May 2019.

As a teacher and a friend of my students, I'd like to present them Chinese communication skills in business and how to deal with relationships. Seeing them learning,having fun and achieving their goals. I wish one day they can confidently speak Chinese in China, no matter for a holiday or business trip.

Qiaolian He

I graduated from the University of Westminster, UK. I have gathered experiences of approaching young children by having worked as a volunteer at a nursery. In the past year I am keen to create both a early and relaxed environment in my Chinese classes.

Jion us

Recruitment Information

Click the button on the right to download the "Teacher Application Form", please fill it out and send it to the following email address: 或

Code of contuct for Nihao Mandarin Language School

Notice to Parents

1. General

• Please send the pupil to school on time and inform the teacher in case that the pupil cannot attend the class.

• Ensure students attend language classes with their textbooks, pencils and erasers.

• Parents should check that the pupil complete and submit homework on time.

• Parents should check WhatsApp class group messages regularly.

• Nihao Mandarin Language School may occasionally take photograph of the pupils for marketing purposes, to be used on the website, social media and/or other activities. Please inform the school if you do not wish to include your child.

• There’s a fifteen minutes break between language classes. Please ensure your child has water and snacks.

• Please note that for the safety of our children, our school is not allowed to bring any food containing nuts to the school. Please inform the teacher if the pupil has any allergies or other medical history that the school should be aware of.

2. Tuition fee and school facilities

• Please pay off tuition fees or instalment within the first two weeks.

• If the classes are cancelled due to Woodcote Primary School or other unexpected circumstances, we will arrange for a makeup lesson.

• Tuition fee will not be refunded if a student asks for leave, skips a class without good reason, or quits due to personal reasons.

• Please write your child’s name on the back of the cheque. Or prepare an envelope with your child’s name if you pay by cash.

• Please explain to your child the importance of looking after school facilities. Parents would bear responsibility for damaged items.