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An extra day will be added 14th July

We're always looking to recruit extra teachers see Staff page for an application form.

About Us and the Our School

Globalisation is happening very rapidly.  Modern, forward thinking parents are now offering their children opportunities to learn new subjects and skills that will prepare them for the world’s needs as they grow up. Educational responsibility is often central to their thinking.

Our aim at Nihao Mandarin Language School is to assist in building cross cultural understanding, with an appreciation of the modern multicultural society and prepare children for the challenging future ahead. Through our Mandarin classes, we believe we are preparing children to learn and speak the language of the future. This will ultimately offer them greater opportunities in society.

We set up this school in 2007 and have seen it develop and grow from 40 students to 250, with over 20 classes being taught by 14 teachers; teaching pupils from ages two and half to seventy. We owe much of the school's success to the hard work and dedication of our excellent teaching staff, who are passionate about teaching Mandarin.